Thursday, 15 December 2011

Escort / Client Connections

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When we meet someone for the first time there is of course the nervousness that everyone feels when meeting someone new. Add the fact that we have matched up with you with the declared intend of becoming lovers, and we have a pretty mind-focusing situation.

And that's a good thing - we want our minds to be focused on you and your's on us. Spending time together with a client before a session is very important to us (although we don't insist of course) because we try to 'connect'.

Now, that doesn't involve any elaborate 'technique' or the need for 'stimulating smalltalk'. It's just about actually (i.e. really) meeting the client as an individual and being genuinely interested in each other. It's very easy and very natural, and it involes very little ego and a lot of listening.

Our way is finding your 'special thing' and offering our 'special things' freely, both as individuals and as a couple. 'Special things' are mostly not that 'special' at all - besides words they are gestures, a smile, a nod, a laugh, a wink, a touch. But 'special things' are partly what make everyone unique because everyone uses them at different times and in different ways differently - everyone!

It's of course called non-verbal communication and we are looking for your's, no matter what it is like. Our's will probably tell you things like 'we're happy to see you', 'you're interesting', 'we like you', and 'we wonder what you feel like' and 'we imagine where you are going to touch us first'... Connecting verbally is happening at the same time (although our minds' attention is split between the two) and will get everyone 'on the same page' with what could, should and should not happen during our session.

When we have sex with you we connect with you on a physical level of course. We as a full-time, real-life, live-together couple of over 5 years are naturally connected to each other, and now we invite you into this strong connective bond of ours. You are going to be part of our 'couple' for a little while - let's call it a triad (more on this word and on Polyamoury in a later post). Being with a couple in this way will give you twice (or 3 times?) the energy of whatever it is you're after, if we get it right. And it will blow your mind with love and sex and bliss!

After climaxing we will all have reached a new high(t). When we chat, kiss, touch, hug and giggle, still breathing heavily, exhausted, sweatty and satisfied then we have connected on all levels. But this is just the beginning - our next meeting will start where the first one has left off! The sex and the 'relationship' will get more intense and gratifying, we are at ease with each other now and confident to explore further whatever else is out there for us three to be had.

Hope to see you soon,

Aidan & Nina xxx

07931 311 68

Nina & Aidan - London's Hottest Bi Escort Couple!

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