Monday, 26 December 2011

Something about our Friends

Friends. We have many of those wonderful, essential, supportive, loving, annoying, exhausting, inspiring, brilliant, silly, beautiful people we are honoured to call friends. Luckily. Because life would obviously be empty without them. Unthinkable really.

What makes friends significant in our lives is the fact that they are there when you need them. That they KNOW you when you need them, and that they know WHEN you need them. But that is when it gets a little tricky in our case. Because not all of our friends actually know what we are up to. We don't share the fact that we are whores with everyone.

It's not that we are ashamed or insecure about being prostitutes. Quite the opposite! But, you see, like everyone else we have made friends over many years and in very different circumstances throughout our lives. There are people we have shared very intimate times in our lives with, or those whom we have worked with in some office. There are others we have grown up with, or those who once were lovers.

We keep, therefore, two very separate circles of friends. One we call 'our friends', the other we call 'family'. Our friends are real friends whom we see quite regularly and who know a lot about us, and we about them we like to think. To them we are running a small but very successful family-business in the entertainment industry (not strictly a lie) where we are meeting interesting people and sometimes work 'odd hours'. But we never discuss this business of ours in great detail for obvious reasons.

The other type of friends we have, our 'family', are those whom we have met on the scene, in the life-style. Colleagues of ours, whores, hookers, call-boys and -girls, Dominatrices, slaves, subs, Doms and Dommes, sluts, fellow 'perverts' - all of these terms are used in the most admiring way of course, reclaiming these words from the main stream derogative meaning implied. Of course we share nearly everything with our family (no details involving clients of course, ever) because they can understand, have similar experiences, are life-stylers and most important of all - they do not judge us by some medieval or Victorian moral standards which more often than not stand out only by the absence of real moral ethics. More on that subject soon in another blog post...

The next question on your minds right now is perhaps: when you meet new people do you tell them that you are whores? Well, it depends. We as a couple sometimes take (male and female) lovers into our relationship. And of course we tell them, before even the first kiss. At sex parties or erotic events our play-mates are also informed about who we are and what we do right at the start. When we meet someone in a bar or a restaurant or maybe in a 'straight vanilla' club then we make a 'judgment-call' which often consists of a glance exchanged secretly between the two of us, and an encouraging nod - or a discrete head-shake.

Why would we not share everything with everybody? Well, there are perfectly 'nice' and intelligent people who for one reason or another simply won't be able to relate to us in a relaxed and 'normal' manner if the knew we are whores, prostitutes, sluts. At least we think that. And why take the risk of loosing a friend over nothing more than a 'self-indulgent' coming-out about something that we do in the bedroom? It really is none of their business after all any more than sharing with them that we both love fisting, anal intercourse or pissing on each other. It adds no 'value' to us as people per se, it is not important for any other reason to those particular people either. So, we keep it to our selves.

Admittedly, the 'self-indulgent' coming out scenario is at times definitely on our minds nevertheless. Not for self-validation but probably because it is self-indulgent (and we both have a rather strong, uncanny tendency to indulge)... Again, more about this subject in another blog post soon.

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