Thursday, 15 December 2011

Lucky Fetishists!

We are very lucky indeed - we are lucky because we are Fetishists!

And we are lucky because, in our profession, we get to meet and play with other Fetishists every day. The people we get to 'work' with are probably the most socially intelligent, respecful and interesting people one could ever hope to meet. The variety the of flavours, kinks, facinations, desires and obsessions we are invited to participate in, deliver, receive, observe, perform, is sheer mind-blowing!

And every time we connect with a 'fellow pervert' (for we consider ourselves proud whores and perverts) something very special happens. An opening of flood gates and minds, a re-appropriation of bodies and desires and a liberation of private, and most of the time well-hidden, fantasies. Often a realisation of dreams.

We know that the most important sexual organ is the brain. It's really quite simple: the more we are able to use it conciously and positively, the more we can focus (concentrate) our intellectual energy, the better the sex and the deeper the gratification. Tantric wisdom...

A fetish really represents just that, doesn't it? The removal of the focus on primary sexual organs in benefit of something that one wouldn't 'normally' associate with sex (= reproduction). This objectification requires intellectual animation and the more it receives this the sexier it becomes. And of course this can literally be anything, hence the colourfulness of the universe of Fetish Sex we are so privileged to be able to aprreciate.

Well, there you are - Nina & Aidan's 'Complete Theory of Fetishism & Sexual Depravity' in 4 paragraphs... ;-)

Lots of love, and we hope to see you soon,

Aidan & Nina xxx

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Nina & Aidan - London's Hottest Bi Escort Couple!

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