Friday, 6 January 2012

Nothing naughty this time...

Nothing naughty this time ...but what a wonderfully creative way to use photography!

Just when you think that more than enough photographs have been taken everywhere by eveyone, and that there is absolutely nothing really 'new' that could be done, here it is.

You probably know about this brilliant use of photography and the internet but if you have not visited you MUST go and have a look!

Lots of Love,

A&N xXx

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Nina & Aidan - London's Hottest Bi Escort Couple!

Dear Photograph,
It’s been 50 years since I wore that snowsuit, and so much has changed. Yet in many ways, it feels like so little has…just the way it should be.

 Dear Photograph,

Nan and Grandad were young at heart 40 years ago and Christmas  cards, all signed with love, hanging in a row. Now I’m wishing for get  well cards so Nan will have a speedy recovery and soon be back to her  amazing self!

Love, Tara

Dear Photograph,

Many years ago, having a snowday was everything and always unexpected. I sure could use one now!


Dear Photograph,

She was a senior when I was a freshman and she has been looking out for me ever since. Now she’s teaching my 2 boys at our old school …28 years later!

Gilbert Bohannon Jr

Dear Photograph,

60 years ago, my Grandma Gladys stood with her parents at Forrest Lawn Cemetary. Yesterday, she was laid to rest beside them. As I held this photo, I could still hear her telling her lovely stories all over again. I will always carry her beautiful spirit in my heart forever. I know she has gone back home, I’m just so glad I was loved by her.


Dear Photograph,
Move in day twenty three years ago was like one big present waiting to be unwrapped. Little did I know that a little sister was on the way and ten years later…a brother.

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