Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Escort Review: London M/F Bisexual Escort Couple Nina & Aidan

About the Venue     Score: 8/10

Unfortunately, Nina and Aidan's place was out of action, so they offered an outcall at no extra charge at a place I know in S London not far from them by motorbike.

About Nina_and_Aidan Physical     Score: 10/10

Nina and Aidan are a very beautiful couple. If they were movie stars they would be Charlotte Gainsbourg and Samuel L Jackson. They arrived in black biker leathers and were soon down to nothing more than a small selection of ironmongery. Much sexier and prettier than the pictures.

Personality     Score: 10/10

Really friendly, funny, cultured and open couple, who you could have a great time with even if you all kept your clothes on.

Services     Score: 10/10

DFK, OWO (all 3 ways), rimming (me on Nina), sex, DP, anal (me with Nina), CIM, facials and snowballing (all 3 ways).

About the Meeting     Score: 10/10

I'd hesitated at first about contacting Nina and Aidan because they seemed much more hardcore than anything I wanted. But don't ask and you don't get, and via the AW email system they reassured me that my relatively vanilla tastes would be happily gratified, and so it proved.

They turned up exactly when they said they would,and after a glass of wine we went upstairs where it all kicked off.

I won't particularly flesh out the bare description of the services they provided, outlined above, except to say they were really enthusiastic, with nothing held back and no 'professional' atmosphere of clock-watching and boxes ticked. Nina got instantly and wonderfully wet, and both N and A are very tactile and affectionate. Though Aidan is all chap with a big dick and chin beard, he has a sensual style, though I would guess that both of them are very good and gauging and adapting to the style of their bedmates.

I would unhesitatingly recommend them as a sexy, exciting, versatile and charming couple. I could barely walk straight for half an hour afterwards!

Hope to see you around soon!

Lots of Love,

Nina & Aidan

07931 311 685
Nina & Aidan - London's Hottest Bi Escort Couple!

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