Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Escort Review: London M/F Bisexual Escort Couple Nina & Aidan

About the Venue     Score: 10/10

The couple live in a very pleasant area. Their house is accessible by public transport and the area is very relaxed. This couple have style in abundance and it reflected in their home.

About Nina_and_Aidan Physical     Score: 10/10

They are a very handsome couple, add in the fact that they have a French and German accent and they stimulate all the senses. The pictures on the profile only catch a small part of the attractiveness of Aidan and Nina and none of the naughtiness that shines through their personalities. They were able to put me at easy in minutes and suggest the promise of the delights to come without explicit comment. They had dressed in the blue jeans that I requested and their casual wear was very erotic.

Personality     Score: 10/10

Mentioned above and to reiterate they smile and talk with a grace and charm which bodes well for the bedroom. The experience I expected was far exceeded by the reality. Their easy going attitude and ability to converse with ease made for a very pleasant introduction. I found it very hard to keep my hands to myself.

Services     Score: 10/10

To state the cliche you get what it says in their profile and more with bells on. I felt that if I suggested it and it were possible then they would find a way. This an area of sexual fantasy that stretches the biggest sexual organ your head.

About the Meeting     Score: 10/10

Nina and Aidan have beautiful bodies that naked talk to you. I was soon indulging in stroking, being stroked by Aidan whilst Nina kissed my back. The allure of his cock was too much and given that it is as shown in the profile the senstation of sucking and licking him was fantastic. I was able to live a homo-erotic fantasy that I have had in my head for 40 years. The feelings through my body as Aidan played with me and Nina carressed and kissed me are difficult to quantify but 10/10 is a banal way to describe it. Nina is prepared to allow her body to go with the flow and her encouragement to fill pussy with tongue and hand was awesome. I have never been inside a pussy which is so responsive and her engagement with my cock, balls and arse made me fill her mouth in an explosion. The snowballing that followed was lovely. Aidan was now using his cock on my arse and these exercises soon had me going again. A rest for more talk was followed by an entirely different feel I licked Aidan's cock as he fucked Nina with gusto. The resulting creampie was sensual, thick and tasty. I could not hold back and I came in Aidan's mouth. The two hours flew and I have rarely enjoyed a sexual encounter as much as my time with these two sexy folk. I think that their thirst for fun and abilty to guage the tempo of our adventure means that they would adapt and provide a brand new experience each time. I do not feel that the word dull lives in their vocabulary.

Hope to see you around soon!

Lots of Love,

Nina & Aidan

07931 311 685
Nina & Aidan - London's Hottest Bi Escort Couple!

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