Escort Reviews

Here is a selection of Field Reports left for us by recent clients. The original posts and more client feedback can also be viewed independently on our profile page:

"They are a very handsome couple; the pictures on the profile only catch a small part of the attractiveness of Aidan and Nina...The experience I expected was far exceeded by the reality. Their easy going attitude and ability to converse with ease made for a very pleasant introduction. I found it very hard to keep my hands to myself.

To state the cliche you get what it says in their profile and more with bells on. I felt that if I suggested it and it were possible then they would find a way. This an area of sexual fantasy that stretches the biggest sexual organ, your head.

The allure of Aidan's cock was too much and given that it is as shown in the profile the senstation of sucking and licking him was fantastic. I was able to live a homo-erotic fantasy that I have had in my head for 40 years."

B, November 2011

"Nina is gorgeous, tall and slim. Most guy's perfect female. Aidan is a hunky guy, fit. Their pictures are great but they are even better in the flesh! They arrived on a motorbike dressed in leather, can't get much sexier.

Nina and Aidan, are a genuine couple, who have thought out their occupation and are comfortable seeing people. They are both very free with their bodies, didn't say no to anything so everything flowed which was great. I had my first kiss with a guy and it was actually a turn on! It is a bit difficult sharing this experience as I really would like to keep them for myself!"

S, July 2011

"Nina and Aidan are a very beautiful couple. They arrived in black biker leathers and were soon down to nothing more than a small selection of ironmongery. Much sexier and prettier than the pictures. Really friendly, funny, cultured and open couple, who you could have a great time with even if you all kept your clothes on.

I'd hesitated at first about contacting Nina and Aidan because they seemed much more hardcore than anything I wanted. But don't ask and you don't get, and via email they reassured me that my relatively vanilla tastes would be happily gratified, and so it proved.

I won't particularly flesh out the bare description of the services they provided, except to say they were really enthusiastic, with nothing held back and no 'professional' atmosphere of clock-watching and boxes ticked. Nina got instantly and wonderfully wet, and both N and A are very tactile and affectionate. Though Aidan is all chap with a big dick and chin beard, he has a sensual style. I would unhesitatingly recommend them as a sexy, exciting, versatile and charming couple. I could barely walk straight for half an hour afterwards!"

M, August 2011

"A fantastic experience! They both really seemed to enjoy our time together and we overran the session, but by that time I was drained in every way!

The highlight of my visit must have been fisting Nina (which i did on several occasions). I have large hands but one of them went right in up to my wrist and Nina was still begging for more. A close second was sucking out her pussy after Aidan had dumped his load deep inside - magic.

A word too about Aidan: he is such a great guy and sure knows how to suck cock. Also whatever he was doing to my ass whilst I was licking out Nina cannot be put into words. This is definitely one of the best experiences I have had anywhere. I would definitely strongly recommend them. I think I have fallen in love with them both!"

J, September 2011