What we are into

We like it 'Hard & Extreme' - but also 'Soft & Cuddly'

We are both very horny with an ‘unnaturally high’ sex drive and we simply enjoy having sex with others who enjoy sex as much as we do. Therefore, you won’t find any of the usual hang-ups with us!

For those of you who are LOOKING FOR SOMETHING EXTRA-SPECIAL please feel free to ask us about any fantasies you might have!

While we do enjoy kinky and more extreme sex we certainly and very much get off on cuddly, vanilla, TLC type of sex too!!! If you want to have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend couple experience then we are VERY up for that. So, please don't be shy - ask us and tell us what you want and we'll make sure you'll get exactly that.

Besides of working as a couple Aidan also meets MALE CLIENTS SOLO (note: Nina works alongside Aidan, so if you would like to fuck her only then that's fine of course, but Aidan will be there at the same time).

One of our specialities is BDSM (we are both 'switches') and we like watersports, hardsports / scat and other EXTREME/HARDCORE (messy / ‘philias) play. 

Again, if you have a particular fantasy please ask us (the worst that can happen is that we politely decline). Please feel free to approach us with anything you have in mind and we are more than likely to make it become a reality for you.

Besides what's on our 'Services' list we particularly enjoy (First) Bi-Experience Sessions, Cum Play/Swapping, Cream Pies & Creampie Eating and Cuckolding Sessions.